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Another way to make a difference! [2:09PM]
02:06 pm: Another way to make a difference!
I just received an email from a friend who signed the petition at one.org to fight AIDS and world poverty. This is the group promoted by Bono and other celebs. The statement is simple and so is signing the petition. Visit the site and consider adding your voice!

Ms. H

Fwd: Email from Arthi - YPI Youth Advocate [2:05PM]
Hi Vicky,

It was good meeting you last week and hanging out a bit with your GSA. I wanted to let you know about this Friday's activity at YPI in Newport. Jeannette Bessinger, from our Advisory Council, will be leading a nutrition workshop for Providence and Newport youth. We'll go shopping, prepare the meal (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and eat it! Please pass this info on to your GSA kids, if possible, so they can come and join us! It's going to be a lot of fun, and will be a great opportunity to get to know other YPI youth.

Thanks, Vicky.
Hope you're doing well!

Arthi Sundaresh

YPI Newport
(401)-421-5626 x26

Take Action [9:04PM]
Go to the Human Rights Campaign's action center page and find lots of ways to contact those people making the decisions affecting GLBT rights!


Of special concern right now is Ford Motor Company's recently announced decision to no longer advertise their high-end vehicles in GLBT magazines, such as the Advocate. The link for that is down the page a bit, so you have to look for it.

The new issue of The Advocate just arrived in my mailbox today and their person of the year is a 17-year old who took on her high school. If you have ever thought that you couldn't make a difference, read her story. I'll bring the issue in for next Monday's meeting.

See you all soon!


[ mood | bored ]

hey guys..i guess i volunteered to make little cards for Transgender day of Rememberance.. kinda of like the ones for Day of Silence last year..so heres what i came up with....feel free to change any of it


Transgender Day of Remembrance


What is it?

Transgender Day of Remembrance is held in November in honor of Rita Hester, a trans-woman who was murdered in her apartment on November 28, 1998.

For those who don’t know,the term “transgendered” refers to someone who was born a certain gender at birth, but feel that it is a false or incomplete description of themselves, almost like they are in the wrong body.


Today is a time for remembrance, and also to create awareness about hate crimes directed at transgender people or those targeted because of their gender identity or expression. It is also a day to remember those lives who have been taken and also to take steps towards stopping gender-based violence and harassment.


What can you do? 

You can become an Ally, and stand up for those that have been a victim of a hate crime. An Ally is someone who works to create awareness and respect towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community. Becoming an Ally says that you are working to end anti-LGBT bullying, harassment, and name-calling. It DOES NOT matter what your sexual preference is, or if you identify yourself as transgendered, just show your support.



“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it”


We need to be more active!! [9:25PM]
Check out the "interests" words on our community page. A click on "gay straight alliance" will let you know that we're not the only GSA on LJ. Some of the other communities are much more "chatty" - keeping in touch with current events issues that affect the LGBT community and their allies (in other words, everyone). Stay informed and "talk amongst yourselves". Find your own topics and chat it up, people.

Scholarship opportunities and Pride Activities [6:39PM]
There are scholarships (not academically based) available to RI students. Applications are available at www.prideri.com.

Also, this Saturday is RI Pride! I have heard that Boston Pride's celebration was a HUGE success. The evening parade kicks off at 8:00 p.m. Info is also available at www.prideri.com.

Hey, Tim! [1:59PM]
Tim, would you please make me a community manager? I'd like to keep the board going over the summer and Hope would like to become a member of the community. She has been going to YPI Newport. It'll just be easier now that you've graduated - woo-hoo!

Pride Providence [9:07PM]
Does anyone have details on the festivities? I am pretty sure it's next weekend. My daughter went to Pride Boston today but I don't have the report from her yet. If anyone has details for next weekend, be sure to post it here.

ypi newport and talent show [1:41PM]

[ mood | blah ]

i went to YPI newport tuesday. it was alot of fun. we made rainbow pillows for the center, did check in and played a game. everyone should really check it out... its friday and tuesdays. .. and....

Lights! Camera! The show is here!

Join us for YPI’s 10th Annual Talent Show! This is a great chance to show your support for many talented LGBTQQ youth and to gather for a night of fun, music, and laughter. The show will take place on Friday, June 3 at the Round Top Center at Beneficent Congregational Church, 300 Weybosset St, Providence. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the show beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door: $5 for youth (ages 13-23) and $10 for adults. This is a youth-organized event and young people decide how to distribute all profits. Youth have subsidized various activities including a trip to Six Flags and the purchase of equipment and supplies for the Drop-in Center with past years’ profits. We are still looking for talented youth (ages 13-23) to perform in the show. Singers, dancers, comedy acts and anyone who has a unique talent appropriate for the whole family to enjoy are welcome. Performers will be required to attend a series of meetings in preparation for the Talent Show. For more information, please contact Frankie Mateo at 421-5626.

unoffical story time... [2:32PM]

[ mood | grumpy ]

im not sure what the rules are, or if we have evr talked about this...

but would we be allowed to have a assembly about LGBTQQ youth?
like awareness and acceptance? im not sure if those are the right words , but i think all you GSAers might know what i mean...

STORY TIME: today, on the way home from school, this (freshmen)boy was calling someone all these really not nice names, and duh the bus driver did nothing, and the rest of the bus joined in on teasing this kid and it was really just not nice, and i really dont feel like saying what he said, but i want to talk to him one-on-one and tell him how mean and offesive that was... do you think that will help the freshman to grow up, or at least keep his opionions to himself?

have a great 3day weekend!

Newport Yoga... [11:36AM]

[ mood | mellow ]



WHEN: Friday JUNE 24th @ 4PM
WHERE: YPI's NEWPORT SITE! 152 Broadway, Newport, RI Island Arts bldg

Come and join all your fellow GSAers in learning some yoga taught by Barrington's own Denise Johnson! For more information contact safezoneypi@yahoo.com or call 401.421.5626!
SAFE ZONE~ Developed in response to fears, concerns, and feedback from students, parents and educational personnel, the Safe Zone Initiative works with educators, counselors, and administrators to increase safety for all students.


Yoga classes at YPI Newport [8:22PM]
This looks like a pretty awesome class, GPA-ers. Hope some of you can take advantage of this great opportunity. Hopefully, you'll all work to make YPI Newport a success to keep the grant money flowing!


WHEN: Friday June 4th @ 4PM
WHERE: YPI's NEWPORT SITE! 152 Broadway, Newport, RI Island Arts bldg

Come and join all your fellow GSAers in learning some yoga taught by Barrington's own Denise Johnson! For more information contact safezoneypi@yahoo.com or call 401.421.5626!
SAFE ZONE~ Developed in response to fears, concerns, and feedback from students, parents and educational personnel, the Safe Zone Initiative works with educators, counselors, and administrators to increase safety for all students.


Gay Marriage bill in RI - Speak Up! Speak Out! [1:53PM]
I received the following email from HRC - the Human Rights Campaign - about an important issue. Read on to see how YOU can make a difference. But act quickly!

From HRC:
Activists like you have made huge strides toward making equal marriage rights for same-sex couples in Rhode Island. Several legislators have changed their stance on marriage equality from "no" to "undecided", or from "undecided" to "yes". In addition, the number of sponsors of the marriage bills has jumped from 11 to 26. This success has resulted from the work of people like you who have educated our legislators, and our community at large, about the importance of equal marriage.

Hearing dates have finally been scheduled for both bills, one in the House and one in the Senate. There is now a real chance to move the committee members by having a strong showing of compelling stories. The Senate hearing is Tuesday, May 17 at the rise of the Senate (around 4:30 p.m.) for bill S 217. The House hearing is Wednesday, May 18 at the rise of the House (around 4:30 p.m.) for bill H 5660.

At these hearings, you can make a short presentation on why marriage equality is important to you and/or how it will help the state. Make it short - only about 3 minutes. You can also submit written testimony and present it to the Judiciary Committee in person or just send written testimony to Jenn Steinfeld, co-chair of Marriage Equality Rhode Island at jsteinfeld@MarriageEqualityRI.org if you cannot attend the hearing.

You are welcome to be present and/or testify at both hearings, but please be advised that Marriage Equality RI requests that the biggest crowd come to the RI House hearing on Wednesday, May 18. Support in the RI House for marriage equality is very strong and we want to make a good showing. For directions to the statehouse, visit: http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/statehouse/end.htm.

When you arrive at the statehouse, look for a MERI representative who will help you to sign-up to testify. You can use the same testimony for both hearings - it's different legislators - so you don't have do write up anything extra. If you need editorial help, please feel free to email Jenn at jsteinfeld@MarriageEqualityRI.org or call Jenn or Jennifer Stevens at 463-5368 x345.

The HRC Marriage Team

P.S. If you haven't already done so, please contact your state legislators and ask them to support H 5660 and S 217. To look up your elected officials, visit: http://www.sec.state.ri.us/elections/findyourofficials/index.html.

YPI Newport [5:51PM]

[ mood | bouncy ]

i did end up going to the YPI open house. it was awesome!!! :) there were alot of people, but not many teens. i saw a kid from middle school who moved to prov and now hes all grown up... he remembered my name!!
ms D and ms h, melissa b (the youth advocate) said that she emailed you and you never answered? so i was told for you to email her. ill bring her card in monday/tuesday. < could you remind me to remind you to email her?
its a really nice place, with nice people. ive never been in there.
i had emily c meet me there. so i had a buddy!
i only stayed for 45ish minutes, so maybe emily takled to more people than me, but it was fun and hopefully the island can use the center for fun stuff!!
... sorry if this was really unorginized... i can talk more about it on tuesday.

dont forget to bring some snacks for the last meeting!!


[ mood | math project due tomorrow... ]

hey all GSAers.
i was wondering if anyone was planning on going to the YPI open house in newport tomorrow night.
im interested in going, but dont really feel like going alone...

Senior send-off [8:04PM]
Next week will be the final GSA meeting for the year. Come and celebrate what has ended up being a year of increasing "acceptance action" on the part of PHS's student body. We have a long way yet to go, but it's better even than when I started teaching here 12 years ago.

Bring your ideas for next year and some food to share. We especially invite those of you who have been missing these past few weeks.

Times for Open House [8:34AM]
Friday, May 13, 2005
4:30-8:00 p.m.
YPI Newport
152 Broadway, Newport
Island Arts Building

YPI Newport [7:54AM]
YPI Newport will have an open house for their BRAND NEW Newport branch of YPI. It is located at 152 Broadway in the Island Arts Building. For more info, contact Melissa at 401-848-2775 or 401-421-5626 x30 or ypinewport@yahoo.com

I hope that our community can make use of this facility. Apparently, it is quite successful in Providence as a drop-in center providing fellowship and activities for LGBTQQ youth. I imagine the RIPTA bus goes right by it, as well.

"YPI Newport...a place where LGBTQQ youth dare to be themselves."

I'm still trying to figure this LJ thing out [6:54PM]
[ mood | confused ]

How exactly does one go about responding to a specific post from this community? I cannot figure it out. I know how to post, obviously, but not how to respond to someone else. Maybe that's why some of you haven't chimed in recently? Hopefully that's all it is, cuz this community is ho-hum!

Survey volunteer and good news [6:48PM]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Thanks to Paul for volunteering to do the survey. He needs some input from GSA members on Tuesday, so be sure you come to the meeting. C'mon, everyone wants some free gay stuff!

Good news on the rights front - a recent poll shows that the majority of NJ voters favor granting marriage rights to same-sex couples. And although the Mass. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a request for a stay on gay marriage until voters have a potential chance to vote on the issue in 2006, chances are good that they stay will be denied. In some areas, justice is winning over fear.

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