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YPI Newport

i did end up going to the YPI open house. it was awesome!!! :) there were alot of people, but not many teens. i saw a kid from middle school who moved to prov and now hes all grown up... he remembered my name!!
ms D and ms h, melissa b (the youth advocate) said that she emailed you and you never answered? so i was told for you to email her. ill bring her card in monday/tuesday. < could you remind me to remind you to email her?
its a really nice place, with nice people. ive never been in there.
i had emily c meet me there. so i had a buddy!
i only stayed for 45ish minutes, so maybe emily takled to more people than me, but it was fun and hopefully the island can use the center for fun stuff!!
... sorry if this was really unorginized... i can talk more about it on tuesday.

dont forget to bring some snacks for the last meeting!!
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