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unoffical story time...

im not sure what the rules are, or if we have evr talked about this...

but would we be allowed to have a assembly about LGBTQQ youth?
like awareness and acceptance? im not sure if those are the right words , but i think all you GSAers might know what i mean...

STORY TIME: today, on the way home from school, this (freshmen)boy was calling someone all these really not nice names, and duh the bus driver did nothing, and the rest of the bus joined in on teasing this kid and it was really just not nice, and i really dont feel like saying what he said, but i want to talk to him one-on-one and tell him how mean and offesive that was... do you think that will help the freshman to grow up, or at least keep his opionions to himself?

have a great 3day weekend!
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