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GSA off tha heezy fo sheezy!

PHS Gay Straight Alliance

Portsmouth High Gay Straight Alliance
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Portsmouth High GSA
This community is meant to pass out info, chat with friends, and get informed. Therefore, it has little use for people who wish to put down others. RULE 1: Be kind and courteous to your fellow members. Also, this is a school related group's community; therefore, keep it kosher. RULE 2: No pornography or swearing. When you ask to be a member, one of the mods will approve you for membership. The screening is to keep hurtful, or more likely bothersome, comments from being posted by ignorant people. Anyone can apply to join, even if you don't attend meetings on Mondays (in A10 @ 2:00, just in case); the point is to strengthen our member base, and this is another way to be a member. There is also a needed respect between members. RULE 3: Do not pressure a member for information they are not comfortable sharing (i.e. sexual preference). Otherwise, this community is for you. Stay involved, stay alive, and stay strong!